Who is Vetscoop?

Meet our brilliant team of animal lovers and veterinary experts.

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We believe all pet parents deserve access to quality health information that is based on science and mirrors the experience at the veterinarian’s office. We want to help pets be healthier, happier, and live longer, fuller lives.

At VetScoop, we are on a three-part mission:


Provide reliable, accessible, real-talk pet health resources that pet parents trust


Help pet parents know when it’s time to see their vet


Regain the trust of the veterinarian in the pet parent’s eyes

Together, we can all help more pets get access to the best possible care.

A Little More About Us...

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VetScoop is a group of compassionate veterinarians dedicated to providing reliable information to help pet parents make informed decisions about the health of their pets. We provide trusted guidance to pet parents by respected veterinarians, including Evan Antin, DVM; Marty Becker, DVM; Marta Sanchez Emden, DVM, CVA, CCRO; Natalie Marks, DVM; Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB; and Kwane Stewart, DVM.

VetScoop is unique in that it is a true collaboration of a diverse group of veterinary professionals from varied backgrounds, areas of expertise, professional journeys, and personalities. Bringing together such a diverse group allows for a broad spectrum of perspective, ultimately building trust between pet parents and the veterinary profession. VetScoop offers pet parents access to information that they can feel confident about and that will empower them, in turn, to make informed decisions about the health and wellbeing of their pets in consultation with their local veterinarian.

It is no secret that in recent years the veterinary profession has lost relevance and trust with pet parents. The need for immediate access to information and care, combined with an increase in alternate channels providing pet-related information, has resulted in fewer pet parents taking their pets to their veterinarian regularly. VetScoop’s top priority is to re-establish the family-pet-veterinary (FPV) bond—a relationship celebrated and strengthened by regular veterinary visits, which is vital for the health and wellbeing of pets.

Easy to access. Based on science. Let’s help more pets get the best possible care, together.