Marty Becker DVM

Marty Becker
  • Married to the love of his life
  • Lives on the Almost Heaven ranch in Northern Idaho
  • Feels at peace in the great outdoors

Dr.  Marty Becker founded Fear Free in order to change the way veterinary care is delivered to the beloved pets of the world.  By working with veterinarians, veterinary professionals and even pet parents to relieve the fear, anxiety, and stress that our pets face in so many aspects of their lives, Dr. Becker has revolutionized our approach to the human-animal bond and veterinary care by looking after both a pet’s physical and emotional wellbeing, and really walking the talk that they are family members.

Now Dr. Becker has founded Top Vets Talk Pets to re-establish the veterinarians as the most trusted source of information for the health of our pets.

Dr. Becker has practiced for over four decades, lectured on six continents, been an adjunct professor at three veterinary colleges, and has written over 25 books, including three New York Times Bestsellers.

Dr. Becker resides with his beloved wife Teresa deep in the woods, half way up a mile-high mountain in extreme Northern Idaho on a horse ranch dubbed “Almost Heaven Ranch.” They share the ranch with five horses, three dogs, four cats, and not often enough, their precious grandchild, Reagan.