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Cat Getting Head Pet

When Should I Bring My Cat To The ER?

Ever wonder when you should take your cat to the ER? Here are a few tips from VetScoop’s Dr. Natalie Marks and Dr. Justine Lee. Check out the...
Cat Little Box Habits

Has Your Cat’s Litter Box Habits Changed?

Join VetScoop's Dr. Natalie Marks and Dr. Lisa Radosta as they break down the importance of litter box size, location and contents to ensure your cat is happy...
Cat Allergies

How Do Cats Show Us They Have Allergies?

Join VetScoop's Dr. Natalie Marks and Dr. Ashley Bourgeois while they discuss the "cat rule book" of  interesting ways cats show us they have allergies.  Your fur baby...
Kittens Eating 1

Best Ways to Feed Cats

Press the green play button above to hear our latest podcast. How important is nutrition for our feline family members?  What do our cats need on a daily...

All About Cats!

On this VetScoop podcast we're talking all about cats!  Do we need to protect our indoor cats from parasites?  How do we help them scratch in all the...
Cat Scratching Paws At Sisal Cat Tower

Does My Cat Really Need to Scratch?

One of the number one reasons that cats are relinquished to shelters and other homes is inappropriate scratching and destructive behavior.   While declaw historically was a solution to...