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Cat Talk 101: How to Understand What Felines Are Saying

It’s 8:26 a.m. There is movement on the bed and a very polite “meow” accompanied by a gentle prod with a paw.  “Are you awake?” Ziggy, my feline...
Young Cat Walking Outside

Cats 2.0: Understanding Your Cat’s Unique Reproductive System

Many cat parents are unaware that just like human teenagers, their cute young kitten can be sexually active before being considered an adult. Next thing you know, you’re...
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Does My Pet Need a Multivitamin?

Who doesn’t remember chomping down on a chalky orange- or grape-flavored Fred or Wilma Flintstone vitamin or soft, sugary gummy vitamins? For mothers concerned about fast-food diets and...
Orange Cat Playing In Catnip

Everything Catnip – What We Know About This Feline Favorite

What’s the buzz about cats and catnip? Well, for starters, felines are literally led by their noses to this herb. “Cats are drawn to catnip by its scent...
Shiba Inu Puppy And His Friend Grey Kitty

How Nutrition and Diet Can Help Treat – and Prevent – Pet Medical Issues

A Corgi named Miakoda hadn’t even reached her first birthday when she started exhibiting concerning medical symptoms: lethargy, vomiting, and diarrhea. She also became reactive to other animals,...
Fat Cat Sitting On Floor

Kitty Weight Watchers? Exercise and Counting Calories Are Good for Cats, Too

What’s your cat’s ideal weight? We bet it’s not something you’ve thought much about. Most people don’t until it’s brought home to them in a drastic way. That’s...
Purring Cat Gets Face Scratched

Why Do Cats Purr?

I do not always see Casey, my 7-year-old ginger cat – approach me and then gently leap on the sofa to sit on my lap. But I can...
Sneezing Cat

Why Does My Cat Sneeze?

If cats could blow their noses, the world might be a better place, says Elaine Wexler-Mitchell, DVM, DABVP, who has had a feline practice for 30 years and...
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Winter Is Coming: How to Care for Community Cats

Life is hard for cats on their own, but winter months are especially harsh on feline denizens of society’s underbelly, whether in cities and towns or sparsely populated...