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Cat Getting Head Pet

When Should I Bring My Cat To The ER?

Ever wonder when you should take your cat to the ER? Here are a few tips from VetScoop’s Dr. Natalie Marks and Dr. Justine Lee. Check out the...
Happy Beagle

Longer, Better Lives for Dogs? Science Is Seeking Answers

Sometimes it seems as if one day our dog is in the prime of life, and the next day they’re old. With others, age sits lightly on their...
When Should I Take My Dog To The Er

When Should I Bring My Dog To The ER?

Should I stay or should I go now…to the the veterinary ER? This is a question pet owners ask themselves all the time. Dr. Natalie Marks and Dr....
Cat Little Box Habits

Has Your Cat’s Litter Box Habits Changed?

Join VetScoop's Dr. Natalie Marks and Dr. Lisa Radosta as they break down the importance of litter box size, location and contents to ensure your cat is happy...
Cat Allergies

How Do Cats Show Us They Have Allergies?

Join VetScoop's Dr. Natalie Marks and Dr. Ashley Bourgeois while they discuss the "cat rule book" of  interesting ways cats show us they have allergies.  Your fur baby...
Hidden Pain In Our Pets

Hidden Pain In Our Pets

Our pets are naturally stoic creatures and tend to hide when they are in pain. VetScoop's very own Dr. Marta Sanchez discusses some behavioral changes that may mean...
Holiday Food Hazards

Holiday Hazards

Our very own, Dr. Lindsey Bullen, shares helpful tips about what foods we can give our pets during the holidays and the days after! We hope you...
Protecting Pets From Household Toxicities (1)

Protecting Pets from Household Toxicities

Press play above to see our latest video. Whether you have a lot of people headed to your house or teenagers who like to leave the refrigerator door...
Happy Dog In Car

Keeping Pets Happy When Traveling By Car

In this VetScoop video, Dr. Marty Becker, the creator of Fear Free, talks about all of the stresses that our pets can have when traveling by car -...
Keeping Home Safe For Pets

Keeping Our Homes Safe for Pets

Press the play button above to hear our latest podcast. Dr. Justine Lee is a double boarded veterinarian in critical care and toxicology, so of course the perfect...