Kwane Stewart DVM

Kwane Stewart

· Movie Black Stallion was his inspiration for veterinary medicine

· Participated in the NFL Combine

· Working on new TV show, Dr. Kwane, The Last Chance Vet

A graduate of the renowned Colorado State University Veterinary program, Dr. Kwane has been a California practicing vet for 22 years. He has worked in nearly every part of the profession – honing his clinical and business expertise.

His journey started in ’97 as an associate and emergency clinician in San Diego. From there he climbed the ranks quickly, becoming the Chief Medical Officer of Vetco Hospitals, Inc. Later he would take the reins of a struggling municipal shelter as County Veterinarian and reverse one of the worst euthanasia rates in the country. Most recently, he completed a six-year stint as the Chief Veterinary Officer of American Humane, and Director of their legacy program, No Animals Were Harmed®, protecting over 100,000 animals every year around the globe on film and TV sets.

He has been sought for his expertise by many media outlets and major companies – including Disney, United Airlines and Sea World – for guidance to improve their animal care standards. He is known for his outspoken, compassionate, charismatic and genuine nature.

Today, his career has evolved into another new journey. His true calling…helping pets and people in need. @drkwane