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The Talkative Canine

You read about dogs who bark to let their owners know the house is filling with carbon monoxide. Four-legged heroes! You thank your dog for barking when someone...
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Why Is My Dog Shaking?

What’s causing your dog to shake, be rattled, and maybe even drool? Is your dog trying to channel his inner Elvis Presley? Maybe. Maybe not. Body shakes in...
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Bath Tips and Tricks for Your Dog

Here’s the skinny on canine skin. It’s a dog’s largest organ—yep, it’s an organ, just like the eyes, heart, or kidneys. All dogs depend on healthy skin to...

The Importance of Oral Health for Our Pets

In our latest VetScoop podcast, our host, Dr. Natalie Marks, chats with Dr. Kwane Stewart about the importance of oral care for our pets. Dr. Kwane Stewart on...
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People Foods: Which Are Safe and Which Can Harm My Dog?

What’s healthy for you to eat is doggone safe for your canine pal, right? The short answer: sometimes. Determining what people foods are safe, risky, or downright dangerous...
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Do Dogs Dream? And Why Does It Matter?

Last night as my husband and I relaxed in front of the TV, I suddenly grabbed his arm and gestured to our Lab mix, Rio, who was sprawled...
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Why Does My Dog Get Ear Infections?

Ear ye! Ear ye! Canine ears come in all shapes, from erect to drooping and everything in between. Your dog’s ears are vital for honing in on sounds...
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Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers?

They tickle our faces, quiver in anticipation, and communicate state of mind. They’re measuring devices and early warning signals. They enhance the senses of both touch and sight....
Yiorgos Ntrahas Prthtpkhamc Unsplash

Tooth Talk: What to Know About Your Dog’s Chompers

When we think dogs, we think teeth. And they’re not just for biting! Those pearly whites are the canine equivalent of fingers. Dogs use them to eat, of...
Fat Cat Sitting On Floor

Kitty Weight Watchers? Exercise and Counting Calories Are Good for Cats, Too

What’s your cat’s ideal weight? We bet it’s not something you’ve thought much about. Most people don’t until it’s brought home to them in a drastic way. That’s...