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Dog Allergies Itchy

Allergies in Dogs

Hit the green play button above to start listening to this podcast: Why do our dogs get allergies?  Is it about their food?  Their environment?  Do they need...
Dog Eating Table Scraps

Protecting Our Pets from Household Toxins

What everyday things in our households can be dangerous for our pets? The Street Vet, Dr. Kwane Stewart, joins our host Dr. Natalie Marks to talk about all...
Pet Bunny With Child

All About Exotics

Press play above to listen to the latest episode of our VetScoop podcast. Our host, Dr. Natalie Marks, sits down with our Dr. Evan Antin to talk all...
Cat Nutrition

Nutrition Tips for Our Pets

In this VetScoop podcast, our co-founder, Dr. Marty Becker, is joined by boarded veterinary nutritionist Dr. Lindsey Bullen to talk about all things pet nutrition.  They chat about...
Dog Licking Foot

Does My Dog Have Food Allergies? Does your dog itch and scratch and lick paws? Dogs actually get environmental allergies but also commonly have food allergies. Our Dr. Lindsey Bullen tells you about...
Sabina Fratila Szqzu4nqsak Unsplash

Tips for Setting Pets and Kids Up for Success

By: Dr. Kwane Stewart, The Street Vet Pets are incredible teachers for kids. Pets can teach children a range of emotions including empathy and compassion; they can also...
Ludemeula Fernandes 9uuogaahtne Unsplash

3 Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Family Before You Adopt a New Pet

By: Dr. Kwane Stewart, The Street Vet So many families have found that the one source of unconditional love and support that has been unwavering through trying times...
Joe Caione Qo Pif84vxg Unsplash

Pandemic Pets!

Click on the podcast below: So many people adopted a new pet during the pandemic and that even includes our own VetScoop crew!  Dr. Kwane Stewart adopted his...

All About Cats!

On this VetScoop podcast we're talking all about cats!  Do we need to protect our indoor cats from parasites?  How do we help them scratch in all the...
Marek Piwnicki 9 8yanzxih4 Unsplash

Puppy Dog Eyes

When dogs look into our eyes, it’s a gift. Making eye contact with humans or with other animals is not a common behavior—it can be seen as an...