All About Exotics

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Press play above to listen to the latest episode of our VetScoop podcast. Our host, Dr. Natalie Marks, sits down with our Dr. Evan Antin to talk all about exotic pets.  While Dr. Antin sees plenty of dogs and cats in practice, exotics are his first love.  From Guinea pigs to bunnies to chinchillas toRead More


Nutrition Tips for Our Pets

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In this VetScoop podcast, our co-founder, Dr. Marty Becker, is joined by boarded veterinary nutritionist Dr. Lindsey Bullen to talk about all things pet nutrition.  They chat about the importance of getting good information about nutrition for your pet, what food allergies are and how we can detect them through food trials, and so muchRead More


Does My Dog Have Food Allergies?

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Does your dog itch and scratch and lick paws? Dogs actually get environmental allergies but also commonly have food allergies. Our Dr. Lindsey Bullen tells you about how we can figure out if your dog has allergies and what kind they are (as she deals with this issue with her own dog!)


Tips for Setting Pets and Kids Up for Success

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By: Dr. Kwane Stewart, The Street Vet Pets are incredible teachers for kids. Pets can teach children a range of emotions including empathy and compassion; they can also teach children how to have something that relies on them for love, support, and care. Before you bring home a new pet for your child, learn whatRead More

3 Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Family Before You Adopt a New Pet

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By: Dr. Kwane Stewart, The Street Vet So many families have found that the one source of unconditional love and support that has been unwavering through trying times like the pandemic has been their pets. Whether that’s a dog or a cat or a fish or a ferret or a bearded dragon, or any orRead More

Pandemic Pets!

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Click on the podcast below: So many people adopted a new pet during the pandemic and that even includes our own VetScoop crew!  Dr. Kwane Stewart adopted his new puppy Cora during the pandemic and just like many of us, he’s going through the ups and downs of making sure their life together gets offRead More


All About Cats!

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On this VetScoop podcast we’re talking all about cats!  Do we need to protect our indoor cats from parasites?  How do we help them scratch in all the right places?  Should we let them go outside?  Should we be worried about hairballs?  What do we have to watch for as our cats get older?  VetScoopRead More


The Importance of Oral Health for Our Pets

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In our latest VetScoop podcast, our host, Dr. Natalie Marks, chats with Dr. Kwane Stewart about the importance of oral care for our pets. Dr. Kwane Stewart on the reality of brushing daily: “It’s just not that practical to brush them every day. Right. We know that, um, if you can do it consistently andRead More


What to Know Before You Choose a Pet Food

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By: Dr. Lindsey Bullen a Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist ® in North Carolina My job as a veterinary nutritionist, and as an expert in metabolism and biochemistry, is to ensure that pet parents (myself included) are feeding the best diets to their pets. This means making sure pets get the appropriate concentration and proportion ofRead More


Fireworks Safety for Pets

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The 4th of July is just around the corner!  While you might be thinking you’ve waited too long to get help for your fearful dog or cat, it’s not too late!  Here are some helpful tips to have a safe and relaxed holiday for everyone in your family! The 4th of July is the #1 time for pets toRead More