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Cat Getting Head Pet

When Should I Bring My Cat To The ER?

Ever wonder when you should take your cat to the ER? Here are a few tips from VetScoop’s Dr. Natalie Marks and Dr. Justine Lee. Check out the...
Regine Tholen 8lzcvlyq8hy Unsplash

Separation Anxiety: When Your Dog Has a Panic Attack If Left Alone

Broken teeth. Ripped paw pads. Bloody slashes on the chest and head. Roger the terrier mix hadn’t been in a fight. He’d been left alone. His pet parents...
Dominik Qn Tulqbuele9c Unsplash

Why Is My Dog Urinating in the House?

Pee happens. You may be surprised, baffled or even a bit frustrated upon discovering a piddle on your new living room rug or a wet yellow spot on...
Andres Siimon Nbnobtkhniq Unsplash

Does My Pet Need a Multivitamin?

Who doesn’t remember chomping down on a chalky orange- or grape-flavored Fred or Wilma Flintstone vitamin or soft, sugary gummy vitamins? For mothers concerned about fast-food diets and...
Justin Veenema Ulmpsbvhty0 Unsplash

Why Is My Dog Panting?

There’s doggy breath and then there’s doggy breathing. You know to alert your veterinarian if your dog’s breath starts to smell foul, but how much attention do you...
Borna Bevanda W12namymqnk Unsplash

Cat Talk 101: How to Understand What Felines Are Saying

It’s 8:26 a.m. There is movement on the bed and a very polite “meow” accompanied by a gentle prod with a paw.  “Are you awake?” Ziggy, my feline...
Shiba Inu Puppy And His Friend Grey Kitty

How Nutrition and Diet Can Help Treat – and Prevent – Pet Medical Issues

A Corgi named Miakoda hadn’t even reached her first birthday when she started exhibiting concerning medical symptoms: lethargy, vomiting, and diarrhea. She also became reactive to other animals,...
Tote 1

Winter Is Coming: How to Care for Community Cats

Life is hard for cats on their own, but winter months are especially harsh on feline denizens of society’s underbelly, whether in cities and towns or sparsely populated...
Happy Beagle

Longer, Better Lives for Dogs? Science Is Seeking Answers

Sometimes it seems as if one day our dog is in the prime of life, and the next day they’re old. With others, age sits lightly on their...
When Should I Take My Dog To The Er

When Should I Bring My Dog To The ER?

Should I stay or should I go now…to the the veterinary ER? This is a question pet owners ask themselves all the time. Dr. Natalie Marks and Dr....