Pandemic Pets!

Joe Caione Qo Pif84vxg Unsplash

Click on the podcast below: So many people adopted a new pet during the pandemic and that even includes our own VetScoop crew!  Dr. Kwane Stewart adopted his new puppy Cora during the pandemic and just like many of us, he’s going through the ups and downs of making sure their life together gets off…

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All About Cats!


On this VetScoop podcast we’re talking all about cats!  Do we need to protect our indoor cats from parasites?  How do we help them scratch in all the right places?  Should we let them go outside?  Should we be worried about hairballs?  What do we have to watch for as our cats get older?  VetScoop…

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The Importance of Oral Health for Our Pets


In our latest VetScoop podcast, our host, Dr. Natalie Marks, chats with Dr. Kwane Stewart about the importance of oral care for our pets. Dr. Kwane Stewart on the reality of brushing daily: “It’s just not that practical to brush them every day. Right. We know that, um, if you can do it consistently and…

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